What is Pin Boulevard?
  • Businesses
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Local Government Organizations 
  • Community Boosters
  • Community Groups

Pin Boulevard is a social network for communities that evens the playing field for the small, local businesses and organizations that make communities unique and vibrant. The most powerful social tool for small business since, well, ever! 

Social tools and a hub network blur the lines between an organization's website and its social visibility. With Pin Boulevard, participating organizations can create effortless co-marketing campaigns between suppliers and retailers, between commercial organizations and the non-profits that they support, and between different locations of regional chains.  

Pin Boulevard also manages its own powerful social spaces for regional and local connection, ready to be co-marketing partners with new participants and provide them with social visibility even before they build their own. Once configured, the smart-phone interface allows it all to be managed by the organization by simply making posts.

Need assistance?  

Were here to help Inland Empire, California businesses and organizations, free of charge. 

dstewart@pinblvd.com      909 454 6638