Claiming Your Facebook Page
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Facebook creates pages for most local businesses whether they want them or not.

If you have not claimed yours, you need to do so. 

Your unclaimed Facebook page is at best not very inviting looking—especially to young people who prefer social media to other forms of advertising—and at worst contains errors like wrong phone numbers.

Also, when someone looks up your organization in a search, Facebook will display pages of your competitors, but only if your page is not claimed.* 

The quickest way to achieve this is from a computer at your organization’s site where you can answer the phone.  

First, log into your private Facebook account (a business Facebook Page is different from your private FB account, but you access the page through your private account). 

In the search bar at the top, search for your organization.  

When you find it, click on it, then on the page, click the little gear next to the word “Edit” (if you do not see the gear or the word “Edit,” this means someone has claimed your page already—contact us for help).  Then choose “Is this your business?”

During the process of making the claim, you’ll either be able to do it by telephone, or they will send you a postcard verification, which obviously takes longer.  

Once claimed, you can fix it up with some photos and also correct any informational errors you find.  

*This will happen when your organizatoin has a duplicate Facebok pages as well, even if you claim your main one (or you made it yourself). See our webpage "Merging Duplicate Pages." 

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