Improving Your Facebook Page
  • Businesses
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Local Government Organizations 
  • Community Boosters
  • Community Groups

The three most important points of information for your Facebook Page to have are:

  • Accurate information
  • A Profile picture (often your logo)
  • A cover photo (often a picture of your business)

You can look at the pages of some other local businesses to get some ideas, if you’d like.  Just look them up the same way as you did your own.  

To edit your page, log onto Facebook, call up your page (Click “Home” at the top, then look for it under “Pages” in the left hand column). 

Once the page is displayed, click “Settings” and then “Page Info” to update addresses and phone numbers.  

To update your profile picture, put your mouse over it and then click “Update Profile Picture.” 

To update your cover photo, mouse-over it and then click “Update Cover” at the top left. 


Calling all Community Boosters!

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