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Pin Boulevard provides branded websites to organizations that are comprehensively connected to their social media marketing networks, removing the need to treat the website, Facebook Pages, and Twitter accounts as separate publications needing to be managed separately. With Pin Boulevard, a Facebook Post updates the website and Twitter too, keeping all up to date with a minimum of time and trouble. 

The Pin Boulevard pincard-based website provides organizations a design for the modern era when most visitors to websites are there for a purpose. The Pincard website supports the two main missions of websites: information and marketing.  Information is in easy reach, and the marketing aspect expresses itself visually and presents a great deal of content "above the fold" (without the need to scroll) on normal size monitors. 

Other benefits of the pincard website are: 

  • Responsive design that looks good on screens from smart-phone size up to 4K monitors without the need for separate pages for small screens

  • Modern, visual design

  • Handles small amounts of content well, as well as large amounts (room for pages for sponsors, participants, donors, recipients, etc)

  • Content can be easily updated by staff or volunteers without fear of breaking website design nor the need to know computer languages like HTML or CSS

  • Each page represented by a pincard which can be clicked on to access the page, in addtion to the conventional index, menu located in the first pin

  • Optional cloud menu

  • Content can be added to website in the form of blogs or ezines. This content is automatically integrated into the website design

Calling all Community Boosters!

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